Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Bright ideas and budget boosters

Dig this--

I know as well as anyone that you don't have to understand something to enjoy it, but I'm having a hard time wrapping my noggin' around the urge to create this fine shirt. That said, I will be sporting one soon, and I might suggest that you too would look sporting if you also shopped here.

This photo might not be the clearest representation of this fine "I " design, but you also got to love the monkey lamp co-star in the pic.

The folks at snorgtees have a wide variety of tangentally inspired sportswear, so if you're looking to retire your "I'm with stupid" shirt, give it a peak.

Even more inspiring, and even easier on your bottom line that mail order t-shirts, is the collection from Design Without Reach. These little DIY projects can give your home (or cubicle, or refrigerator box) the feel of a designer pad at an almost zero price tag. So if you've ever wanted a miniature Wasily chair made from paper clips and electric tape or a classic Nelson satellite clock made from tootsie rolls, this is a spot for you.

Do you have a project that has inspired you? Show it off? Finally finished that boat from pudding cups? Welcome us aboard. Or even if you just saw some crazy shit you feel the rest of us need to know about? Give us a shout out.

Lou is listening