Monday, June 15, 2009

Are you retro or just plain old.

Dig this—

I realize I haven’t been the most active citizen of the blogosphere lately, but it seems a little tricky to pull off having a life AND commenting on one at the same time.

One small development in the carny ride that is my life (‘do ya want to go FASTER?‘ says the toothless man at the helm) is the impending addition of an iphone to my collection of ‘things that need to be charged’ (or digitalia, if you prefer).

Now you might think from these postings that ol’ Lou might be a little techno-shy but far from it. If nothing else, the blender has taught us the value of life-improving technology.

The flip side is that our world is now littered with putty-colored computers, square black plastic coffee-makers and a virtually chrome-free modern auto industry. If this is the future, where is my jet pack and silver jumpsuit.

Back to the iPhone. It’s got a little chrome, a little whimsy and will quiet the blackberry ninjas who demand to know why I do not instantly answer an email wherever I am. It also has an appstore loaded with goodies from a compass to a cocktail guide (what, no corkscrew). It also has a rotary dial.

Is this really necessary?

I look better under incandescent light, I miss my turntable, and I sure can’t rest my cell phone on my shoulder (the original hand-free technology), but is it good just because its retro? They should have an app that makes operator connect your calls for you.

I guess it’s a fine line. Retro style is comforting and often better thought-through but often just a pain in the ass. For every T-bird there is Gremlin. And for every modern technological breakthrough there is another American triple-hopped ice-brewed ultra beer that tastes like frat party keg dregs.

Sorry cats, I might have cast adrift and can’t see land or my point any more. I’m just saying you shouldn’t have to sacrifice style for substance, or subtance for style.

And my iPhone will be able to make perfect julienne fries.

Have you got a piece of modern tech that makes the ladies weak in the knees? Give us a peek. Seen a USB-powered lint brush with multi-colored LEDs ? Share the wealth. Have you hand-coded the iPhone app that will materialize a Sidecar onto a Bluetooth-enabled cocktail napkin? By all means, let us know.

Lou is listening.

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  1. You should see my MacBook Pro. When I whip it out, everyone gasps.